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と ぴ こ う

Tell me your fears.
Alright, it's everyone here.

You mean just all of the people?
Yeah, and all of their peers.


hand binoculars 


None of the popular plus size models look like the average plus size woman and it’s sad when we can’t even go look at a market that’s aimed to us and see wonen that look like we do. The average plus size woman has a belly. The average plus size woman has love handles. The average plus size woman has a little chin fat and that’s what I want to see when I’m looking at supposed plus size models in clothes for my body!




hey sorry did i wake you? no nothings wrong listen i just called because i was making a midnight omelette and i accidentally dropped an egg and it looks just like Ben Franklin. it’s fucking weird dude you gotta check it out. the doors unlocked just let yourself in when you get here


Dame Elizabeth Frink - From the series Spinning Man (1965)

there is this song I really wanna show you guys but I can’t find an audio of it to reblog! ;n;


(by Adara .)


The year is 3045, a single villager comes to the dancing statue and donates a single bell. After years and years of waiting, your villagers have finally paid the last of the PWP’s donation. Tomorrow, you get a street light. The town rejoices around your grave at the thought of their new lamp.


“Just a few days after Nabokov’s death, there was an invasion of butterflies out in Springs, Long Island. It probably happens every year. But the reason I noticed the butterflies this time was the presence—or the absence—of Nabokov.
“While I was riding my bicycle, in fact, I had the pleasure of traveling with one of them: a monarch, one of those orange-and-black butterflies that migrate from Canada down to Mexico. It was right beside me, we were moving at the same speed, and the butterfly was at the same height as my head. The proximity of the butterfly transformed me into an airborne head, a cherub or a seraph, one of Raphael’s angels composed solely of a head and wings.”
—Saul Steinberg, from “Portraits and Landscapes”

Fun Historical Fact: There used to be more gay and lesbian content in early silent films until religious groups protested resulting in “decency standards.”


having strong levels of attachment to several different characters and series is incredibly difficult because it’s like. who do i set as my phone background. and laptop background. what do i center my theme and url around. who do i put as my icon