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Tell me your fears.
Alright, it's everyone here.

You mean just all of the people?
Yeah, and all of their peers.

sometimes my brother dresses in a grey shirt grey sweatpants grey shoes and calls himself ‘d.gray-man’

why do people keep unfollowing right as i get a new follower ;A;

i’m just one away D|

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during Halloween my friends and i went trick-or-treating and we went to this one lady’s house and she didn’t have much candy and i don’t know something in my brain went survival mode because i took twice as much as my friends like i honestly don’t know why i did that

afterwards i felt guilty so i went back to her house and put the candy on her doorstep

going out for some thai food ;A; yes

i have had braces for the longest time now and i’m in the stupid stage where i have to wear rubber bands on them

problem is i keep slacking on them. i’m supposed to wear three on one side and a triangle one on the other. not only do i forget in the morning when i’m trying to get to school but i’m constantly snacking, therefore constantly having to remove them and put them back in. it gets easier just to not wear them at all

major problem though, every time i go in for a checkup, my jaw hasn’t moved ;A; and my orthodontist gets all irritated (rightly so) and i get so nervous that i’ve had nightmares about going in for checkup. 

i’ve finally made the decision to WEAR THEM ALL THE TIME like i’m supposed to but i think my checkup is soon and and i’m scared

has this happened to anyone? give me comfort please ;A; TT__TT

miss one day of school and

my dad and i checked out an art college today 

it was really nice…kind of small…but nice

idk i didn’t get the vibe i was looking for from it but i get the feeling i’m going to go there anyway 

i still have no idea what i want to do but lately i’ve been kind of interested in film production so i checked out the class

but then the guy asked me what i was interested in specifically and i literally just drew a blank

"uh, well, i, uh, ….i think editing is cool…directing seems interesting…uh, also…" 

definitely should have looked further into that.

of course as luck would have the guy next to me was completely prepared /crying

but the fashion class looked pretty neat…ah well, we shall see




Es you okay? ^_^ lol Hi! Did you see this? 

Lol It would help if you say something back…you know like people are suppose to do XD ~(^_^)~

AH I KNOW! I have this automatic reblogging thing and i accidentally pressed it but

omfg this is so surreal is this a dream are you really on tumblr with me

and did you send me a message? it’s still not showing up! D”:

why would you do a civil war reenactment i mean that just seems really weird and awkward

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whenever i want someone to leave my room i just stare at the ceiling and answer them with monosyllabic responses 

there goes another ship

today i realized how much i like to see boys arm wrestle 

i really like role-playing but whenever i work up the nerve i always get stuck with these cold, intimidating people ;A;

sometimes i favorite things and look back later and can’t remember why i favorited them